Social Brand Authority: Content

Now that your "Audience Profile", and social platform(s) have been researched and established, you're ready to begin crafting your message.

Donald Miller ( says it this way, "If you confuse, you lose."

The best way to reach anyone is to create or curate content that is easy to understand and act upon.

When you write any content, make these commitments:

  1. I commit to remember WHO I am writing this for.
  2. I commit to SERVE those I am writing to.
  3. I commit to FOLLOW UP to all responses I receive.
  4. I commit to sharing EXCELLENT images or videos, hiring someone (if needed) to ensure it's excellence.

Not everyone can create or curate content. Thanks okay! Give yourself a break. This is something that can be outsourced, just make sure they really understand your organization and it's goals.